My friends made me promise to blog about this Cavs opening night victory after getting home from the bar, so here it goes.

Let me tell you something. If Lebron James is gonna start goin’ 6 for 7 from 3-point land, just give him the MVP award right now. Just give it to him. End of story.

Second thing. I know this was the New Orleans Hornets, and I know it was the first game of the year, but I have never seen a Cleveland team this dominant since the 1995 Indians. Never. In 1995, you just knew the Tribe would go out and pummel an inferior team. This Cavs team is almost unfair, and it’s just scratching the surface. You’re tellin’ me that Larry Hughes is gonna score 10 points? Ilgauskas is gonna score 12? And the Cavs are gonna win by more than 20? And that’s the first game of the season? Get outta here…..just get outta my face.

This is nuts. Absolutely nuts.

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