How I watch Cavs games

So here’s how I watched most Cavs games last year…at a bar, with my friend Larry. Tonight I’ll be hitting the Cool Cleveland party at Pickwick & Frolick ahead of the game, no Larry tonight, might watch the game there, might have to go down the street (how the hell am I gonna find a place to park…) No sound for a game at a bar, usually, which was very good last year as Mark Price was terrible, didn’t need to hear a word he had to say. We came up with a set of rules for watching the Cavs.

RULE #1 – You must never turn your eyes away from the screen while Lebron James is on the floor. To do so is to risk missing the most incredible play you have ever seen in your entire life. This happens almost every game. Larry turns his head away from the screen too often, and then I end up having to describe to him how Lebron did this, Lebron did that, my god, I can’t believe it….just watch the TV, ok? Never avert your eyes.

RULE #2 – Whenever Desagana Diop came into the game, we yelled “YOPP!” And every time he was visible on screen, another yell of “YOPP!” He’s gone now, so I have no idea what I’m gonna do with this rule, not sure which player on the roster this year has a name which will lend itself well to yelling loudly in a bar.

RULE #3 – Always order another drink in the 4th quarter, especially if the Cavs are down a few points. Show a little confidence.

RULE #4 – Most important rule. Never, EVER violate Rule #1.

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