Cavs anticipation

When’s the last time you had this much confidence about a Cleveland sports team as the season began? That feeling like, you know what, this team is gonna rock. This team is gonna be really good.

For me, I think it was 1986. The Browns were coming off a mediocre year, they lost a frustrating playoff game at Miami in January, and were heading into 1986 with some expectations. I remember a PD column that pre-season which said something like, “this team is going to score a lot of points.” You could just feel that the Browns were going to be a special team that year. They ended up 12-4, and went to their first infamous AFC Championship game against Denver.

That’s the feeling about the Cavs this year. You just know this team is gonna be special. They could win 50 games, and you’d be like, yeah, that’s about right. But if they go and win 60 games, and take the second playoff seed, none of us will be all that surprised.

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