Dilfer’s new post-QB career – therapist

If I have to read one more story about how Trent Dilfer is co-miserating with another struggling QB, I might implode.

Carr was asked if he’s compared his situation to that of former No. 1 pick Tim Couch, who’s out of football after starting with a bad expansion team. “Not really,” he said. “I understand what I can do on the football field. I’ve been doing it my whole life. At quarterback, there are 10 other guys around you. We have to get on the same page. When we do, we’re going to be all right. We’ve done it a couple games. We’ve shown signs. We just aren’t quite there yet. Once all 11 and all 22 of us get going, we’re going to be good.” His mentor could say the same thing.

Sounds like a career to me…mentor to mediocre QBs. There’s gotta be money in that. How much did Couch get in his first contract? Six quintillion dollars? Must be some of that left layin’ around for a therapist.

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