Cavs 3-point woes?

Pre-season from behind the line ain’t what we expected.

Marshall, a 6-9 power forward, is shooting 32 percent (10-of-31) from 3-point range; Jones, a 6-3 guard, is shooting 36 percent (13-of-36) from beyond the arc. The team’s 29 percent (40-of-139) 3-point shooting ranks 24th in the exhibition season. “We’re going to be fine,” said Ferry. “These two guys [Marshall, Jones] have a track record.” Two reasons for the slow start from 3-point range are coach Mike Brown’s early emphasis on defense and a lack of on-court familiarity among the players. “

24th in the NBA? I’m not gonna panic yet…I tend to agree with Ferry’s reasoning, but if you’re having flashes of Luscious Harris, I wouldn’t blame you.

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