Browns vs. Lions liveblog

FINAL SCORE Lions 13, Browns 10. TIM’s TAKE? Might be the worst Browns game I’ve seen since…well…last year. Reuben Droughns had a good game, 100 yards, but that’s it. We made Garcia look like Tom Brady. There was so much mediocrity on the Browns side of the ball, I thought I was watching beige paint dry.

PRE-GAME TAKE – Livingston sums my thoughts up well in his prediction for a Browns win, 5-2.

Pandemonium reigns after Phil Dawson’s game-winning kick late in overtime.

This could be one of those very ugly games that makes us wish the Bengals-Steelers game were on instead. Kickoff at 1. See you then.

GARCIA STARTS – A duel of stifling mediocrity in store. Dilfer vs. Garcia. Ugh.

8.51 1st – Browns 3, Lions 0. Good drive ends with what else…Dilfer getting sacked on 3rd & goal. Droughns looked VERY good on the drive. Great catch by Braylon Edwards for a big gain, who looked like he hadn’t been in the hospital a few weeks ago.

END OF 1st – Browns 3, Lions 0. TIM’s TAKE? Aside from big play at end of the quarter, Garcia’s Lions mostly look like Garcia’s Browns from last year. Impotent. Droughns having a great half already.

5.26 2nd, LIONS SCORE, Lions 7, Browns 3. Garcia scores on 4th & goal rollout. Previous drive petered out on a missed field goal, this one looked better. Browns defense bent and broke.

ENSUING Kickoff, TOUCHDOWN RETURN….JOSH CRIBBS. NO FLAG. Browns 10, Lions 7. Pretty unbelievable turn of events.

2 MINUTE WARNING, Browns 10, Lions 7. Weird game. Lions seem to be able to drive when they want, currently on a good drive after Browns KO return TD.

HALFTIME – Browns 10, Lions 7. TIM’s TAKE? Still a weird game. Half ends on Dilfer throwing a pick off a tipped ball, then Lions incompetence letting the clock run out. Strange game.

9.29 3rd qtr – Lions 10, Browns 10. Lions kick a field goal after a Browns punt. Man, this is a boring game. Garcia shoulda been called for intentional grounding on the 3rd down.

START OF 4th, Lions kick FG, Lions 13, Browns 10. The mediocrity is overwhelming.

13.11 4th – Dilfer throws another pick. Browns force a punt on ensuing possession. Mediocrity almost breathtaking.

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