Detroit QB saga never ends

Can you name the last good Detroit Lions QB? I can’t. Whenever you start to fret about the Browns’ QB situation, just take a look at this litany of crapola.

It’s not like we don’t know how vicious this town can get toward its quarterbacks. Scott Mitchell knows it. Rodney Peete knows it. Andre Ware knows it. Charlie Batch knows it….For a while, Joey was the answer. Now Jeff Garcia is somehow the answer. Garcia, who has never played a down that counted for this franchise. Garcia, who is 35 years old. Garcia, who relies on mobility, yet is coming off a broken leg. Garcia, not even cleared to play this week, is somehow, already the answer.

The above-linked story has a great interview with Harrington, giving a unique view into the world of a kid who’s been a golden boy his whole life, and who is now in a real no win situation. I’d feel sorry for him, especially if he just had a dress code forced on him this week like Allen Iverson….but I just can’t bring a tear to my eye.

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