Let’s re-calibrate, Browns fans

The Browns lost again. They lost ugly. It’s a bad way to start the week. But let’s remember something, folks.

This is NOT the team that will take the field next year, especially on offense. Not even close. The only Browns personnel we fans should care about right now are the offensive line, the defensive coaching staff, and the strength/conditioning coaches in charge of bringing back Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow.

The offense in 2006? If Charlie Frye doesn’t start next year, I’ll eat my hat. Winslow and Edwards should (fingers crossed) come back healthy and have a good camp without holdouts. Reuben Droughns will have a year under his belt behind this fairly impressive offensive line. The defense? A full year of 3-4, for a defense that is already in a bend but don’t break mode. Needs a couple free agents, sure, but the system is being put in place.

In other words, this Browns team will be as different from next year’s as last year’s Cavs team is from this year’s. Remember that the next time you see Trent Dilfer underthrow Frisman Jackson…you won’t be seeing it for long.

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