Jamal’s career days

In a long line of running backs who have torched the Browns in recent years, Ravens RB Jamal Lewis stands alone. His career average vs. the Browns is 147.6 yards per game, including the outrageous 295 yard game in 2003. He’s not talking much this week about that, even though the Baltimore media is baiting him.

“You can’t really say, ‘Oh, it’s the Browns, and I’m going to go out and get 200 yards,'” Lewis said. “You never know. That’s why I went in last year like, ‘These guys know what we’re going to do. We got all these yards against them before. They’re not going to let that happen again.'”

…But why not predict another career day, especially when it worked so well two years ago and being humble last year did not?

“The only thing that made me say that back then was that I have a friend [Andre Davis] over there, and we were just talking on the phone,” Lewis said. “I said that to him. At the same time, it wasn’t supposed to go that far. He was supposed to let that phone conversation go as far as that phone. It went and backfired.”

I don’t even remember the guy’s name who torched the Browns running defense last week. Was it Thomas Jones? Jones Thomas? What was his name? Anyway, running defense has been, and still is, the Browns biggest weakness.

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