Team of psychologists deployed in Baltimore

Is Brian Billick insane? Are the Ravens out of control? To answer this, The Baltimore Sun seeks the advice of..

– Joel Freeman, who has been a professional counselor, behavior analyst and author for more than 25 years. Freeman, founder of the Freeman Institute (a company that specializes in business and personal development)…

– John F. Murray, a licensed clinical and sports psychologist based out of Palm Beach, Fla. “It all comes back down to a consistent philosophy that the coach is clearly communicating to his team,” said Murray, who has created the Mental Performance Index

– Peter Favaro, a forensic psychologist out of Houston who has worked with a number of athletes through the years, disagrees. Favaro, author of Six Critical Steps to a Calmer Life

I can’t decide if this is a CSI episode or Dr. Phil. Hilarious.

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