Out of control Ravens next

With the Bengals falling to 4-1 after last night’s loss to the Jaguars, the 2-2 Browns are…gulp…contending? Next up are the Baltimore Ravens, a team which yesterday committed 21 penalties, 4 turnovers, and had 2 ejections in their 35-17 loss at Detroit. The Baltimore Sun is moved to say about the Ravens’ total meltdown, among other things….

The Ravens’ season, like their players, is spiraling out of control….

In perhaps the most humiliating performance of the team’s 10-year existence…

Ray Lewis was making excuses…does this sound like a team leader? (free registration required)

“It’s an emotional game. You can never determine how your emotions are going to go,” Ray Lewis told a crowd around his locker. Actually, championship teams determine exactly that. This team is 1-3, and it just played so out of control, you wonder how it got that one win. Lewis also was one of the primary finger-pointers, and the chorus he sang with Billick (“We have no structure right now in the league for me to comment on the officiating in an appropriate way”) and some of his teammates made for a sad tune. “You just hope [the officials] get critiqued the same way we do,” Lewis said.

The Browns new sense of professionalism looks like a perfect mismatch with the Ravens team they will meet in Baltimore next Sunday.

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