Browns vs. Bears liveblog

FINAL SCORE – Browns win, 20-10, in a, shall we say, stunning comeback. TIM’s TAKE? Whatever Romeo Crennel said to Trent Dilfer in the 3rd quarter, I hope he says it every week. A Jeckyl & Hyde performance from Dilfer…the guy literally STUNK for 3 quarters, then throws two TDs in less than a minute to comeback and win the game. That’s Dilfer for ya.

Defense came up strong late, after once again turning some guy into the best running back in the NFL. Thomas Jones? Never heard of him until today. Browns, though, still bent and didn’t break…gave up only 10 points. Browns are 2-2 heading into Baltimore next week, who will be 1-3.

PRE-GAME TAKE – I think the Browns should win this game. I’m hoping they establish a solid running game early. Four of the five PD writers pick the Browns…Roger Brown doesn’t. That pretty much guarantees a Browns victory right there. Kickoff at 1pm.

UPDATE – Braylon Edwards is out with an elbow infection…that doesn’t sound good. Not good at all.

END OF 1st – Browns 3, Bears 0. TIM’S TAKE? Underwhelmed. Bone headed interception by Dilfer on first drive. Bailed out by Bears fumble on ensuing possession. Droughns looked very good, then, oddly, William Green comes in. WTF? Defense looks o.k., although field position working against them right now.

HALFTIME – Browns 6, Bears 3 – TIM’S TAKE? Tough game. Bears should be winning. Browns offense can’t find a rhythm. Defense is bending but not breaking. Very good tackling, can’t remember last time the Browns tackled this well. A couple of very timely sacks. Droughns is solid. Dilfer’s mistakes mitigated by Bears mistakes & lost opportunities. Bears failed to convert a 4th down, moved backwards after big interception return, had to settle for field goal, missed another field goal, resulted in Browns second field goal, right before the half.

Both teams look like they just came off a bye week.

5.39 3rd qtr – TURNING POINT? Bears 10, Browns 6 – Long Bears drive, 12 plays, 93 yards, their first possession of the half, ends in TD. Run defense collapsed, Thomas Jones passed 121 yards rushing at 6.30 of the 3rd.

END OF 3rd – Bears 10, Browns 6. TIM’s TAKE? Gonna be down to the wire. Browns driving at start of 4th quarter on Bears 30. Dilfer taking yardage in little chunks…as long as he doesn’t try and throw the ball farther than 8 yards, we got a shot. I can hear the Charlie Frye talk starting already.

3.02 4th – BROWNS 13, BEARS 10 – Great drive scores go ahead TD on Dilfer’s best long pass of the day. Overcomes a largely pathetic 4th quarter, featuring penalties, dropped passes, 3 & outs. Crennel got in everybody’s face, Dilfer’s, offensive line. Seems to have had the desired effect. Comes down to defense. Best news…Thomas Jones goes out of the game @ 9.24 of the 4th. Not on the field for the end of the game.

2.37 4th – BEARS FUMBLE!! Orton screws up play action, Browns recover at Bears 28. Game should be over.

2.24 4th – BALLSY PLAY CALLING!! Play action, TD throw to Antonio Bryant. Game is ICED. Browns 2-2. Dilfer recovers from a terrible 3 quarters with a great last 4 minutes.

1.50 4th – BROWNS PICK OFF ORTON – Add on 15 yards for personal foul, low block. Game over.

WAIT…interminable booth review of an obvious interception. Crowd booing. Taking WAY too long. ONCE AGAIN, THEY BLOW THE CALL AFTER TAKING FOREVER TO LOOK AT IT. Ball back to Chicago. Crowd booing somemore. Stupid call. Bears fail to get a first down. Game finally over.

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