New mixed drink at Browns Stadium – Orton & Jack

Romeo Crennel is more worried about his defense than about how much Jack Daniels Kyle Orton downed during the bye week.

There are some unflattering photographs of Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Kyle Orton circulating on the Internet. In one, he holds a bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey and his chin and T-shirt are sopping wet. In the other, he flashes the mid dle finger of his left hand to the camera.

“All I have to do is tell them look at the stats,” said coach Romeo Crennel. “We’re at the bottom of the NFL defensively…I’m not worried about [Orton], I’m worried about us,” Crennel continued. “If you want to take anybody lightly being at the bottom, I don’t know who it can be. I’m telling our guys, this is an NFL quarterback. He has enough ability to be an NFL quarterback, so you better honor him.”

See said NFL QB, Coach Daniels, and Kyle’s middle finger here.

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