Hart’s done

Sounds like John Hart is hanging it up for good.

“This is something that has been openly talked about on a very planned basis. John Hart did resign, period,” Hicks said. “I’m in a lot of businesses with lots of people and I know when they’re ready to change. I told John this All-Star break that I wasn’t going to fight him this time.”

When a guy is just spent, it’s hard to ever see him coming back into whatever game he’s been playing. But I wouldn’t count him out. His Texas days weren’t all that great, but those years in Cleveland were something special, and I bet there are a lot of teams now, and in the future, that would jump at him if they got the chance.

Here’s a question. The Indians have almost become the farm team for the rest of the majors. It’s probably because the Tribe’s own farm operation keeps producing stars. Was that all due to John Hart’s rebuilding? Those days before John Hart were pretty dismal.

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