Mike Brown interview – it’s about defense

Crain’s does a very good interview with the Cavs new coach, Mike Brown. He spends a lot of time talking about defense.

I donít think itís matter of ďWe do this and somebody else does that.Ē We have a system. Everybody has a responsibility, defending the basket or defending the ball. If the ball moves, all five guys move, not just one guy. Everybodyís on a string. Weíre going to get repetition behind it all, so that itís second nature to guys. The ball moves here, and all five guys move. Itís second nature. Guys are reacting to it instead of thinking about it and then doing it because you canít be a step late in this league.

Odd that this appears in Crain’s Cleveland Business…why can’t the PD do an interview like this?

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