Sunday PD sports page critique

What do you write about on a Sunday when there’s no Browns game, replaced by a Tribe game that I can’t even bear to watch? How about how shitty the PD is? Endless supply of content there!

First of all, memo to sports bloggers. If you wake up on Sunday and look at the PD, and wanna quote and link to the PD in your early Sunday blog posts, you won’t be able to. PD’s stories aren’t online at 9 am Sunday morning…at least not this Sunday. must be a union shop….either that, or the shittiest website on the planet…I think the latter is more likely.

Second, if the Browns aren’t playing, the Sunday sports section guys must take the weekend off. Their NFL preview column leaves out the teams’ won-loss records. So you look at this big list of game previews, with “The Skinny”, “Grossi’s Picks”, but to get the teams’ won-loss record, you gotta search through the rest of the paper. Nice editing, fellas. How can you tell how important the game is without the won-loss records?

Third….did I mention I love having coffee and reading the sports page on Sundays?

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