Tribe may just have un-homered itself out of post-season

Let’s see, about a billion strikeouts tonight, 1 run scored in 13 innings (oops, sorry 2 in 13, how could I forget such stunning offensive output), 0 for 25,348 with runners in scoring position, and about 800 arms left laying all over the infield after Indians batters nearly swung them out of their sockets.

Gonna say it again. This team lived by the home run, and it is currently dying by the home run having left the building. The 9th inning, when the Tribe tied the game with some actual situational hitting, is the only inning tonight out of 13 that the Tribe actually looked like a baseball team rather than a sports bar softball team staffed with beer-bellied neanderthals who spend every smoking break at Swings N’ Things attempting to tear the skin off 15 mph meatballs.

These guys simply do not know how to shorten their swing, make contact, and just plain hit. If they ever did, they’ve certainly forgotten now. They look for a home run pitch, and if they don’t get it, they don’t swing, and they strike out looking. Or else it’s the big fat guy softball team show, with guys swinging so hard they almost knock themselves over.

And in the supreme irony of the evening, Ronnie Belliard uncorks one of those gargantuan swings in the 13th for an actual home run, as opposed to the invisible ones the Tribe thought they were gonna hit every time they struck out. Only it wasn’t enough. It was never gonna be enough for the Tribe to just hit home runs. And it won’t be enough to get them to the playoffs, or get them very far should they get there.

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