Roger Brown at it again?

The prospect of a good QB controversy overcomes Roger Brown.

Have the Browns been quietly giving backup quarterback Charlie Frye extra study work to digest during this bye week – as starting QB Trent Dilfer continues to heal from the battering he took last Sunday against Indianapolis? Hmmm.

Hmm, indeed. Note the utter absence of any sourcing. It’s a complete rumor, perhaps even started by Brown himself. Can’t really tell. Frye might be getting more homework because, well, it’s a bye week. Or not. Who the hell knows? Scene Magazine did a good story on Brown a few weeks ago, noting that rumors are his stock in trade.

Ah, the rumors. Columns like Brown’s are built on secondhand stories and anonymous sources. Speculating about upcoming moves or who doesn’t like whom in the clubhouse is Brown’s job. Yet the accuracy of what he peddles has long been open to debate, even among Plain Dealer colleagues. If there is one criticism of Brown that is troubling, it is this: He makes things up.

The PD already reported on Tuesday that Trent Dilfer is fine. Why is Roger Brown stoking the embers of a cooling QB controversy? Is he just making this shit up?

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