OK, time to panic

OK, folks, that Positive Mental Attitude thing got us a 3-game losing streak. Time to panic. PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SERENITY NOW!!!!!!!!

First of all, who the HELL is Scott (or Seth, or whatever his name is) McClung, and why do the Indians always make him look like Roger Clemens? The guy is a bum, but for some reason, we can’t figure the guy out. Look at these numbers from the Beacon Journal

If McClung was a whale, Tribe hitters were minnows. But why Cleveland? In McClung’s previous three starts, he compiled a 16.40 ERA and averaged three innings per start. For the season, he is averaging 5.8 walks per nine innings against the rest of the league but only 2.2 walks per nine innings against the Wahoos. He has made three starts against the Tribe and won them all, posting a 1.77 ERA.

And you know thatold saying “I hate to say I told you so”? Not me. I LOVE to say I told you so. What did I tell you so? That all these homers could turn into 0-fers in a heartbeat. That’s the only way to explain scoring ZERO runs against a guy like this, at precisely the wrong moment.

The flex of home-run power over the past few months has obscured this team’s season-long flaws. The Indians are not especially adroit at “little ball,” which makes a comeback at this time of year even in the American League.

That’s why it’s time to panic. The homers look to have left the building. What else is left? We’re damn well gonna find out.

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