Browns bye week priorities

So what should the Browns do in their bye week? Here’s a to-do list.

1. Get ready for the Bears Oct. 9. Nothing would make the bye week look productive more than beating the Bears. These guys are totally beatable, in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Browns end up being favored. We got ’em here in Cleveland, we should beat ’em.

2. Focus on defense. The Browns gave up an average of 403 yards a game in the first 3, good enough for dead last in the AFC. The team has 3 total sacks in three games. Much is made of Peyton Manning being shut down last Sunday, but I don’t buy it. Carson Palmer torched us in the Bengals game. Brett Favre moved the ball in crunch time with ease. We are still, as usual, very vulnerable to the run, giving up 125 yards a game.

3. Run blocking. The offensive line has only allowed 4 sacks in three games, all of them on Sunday vs. the Colts. But the run blocking is no where near as good. The team averages 75 yards rushing a game, which is half the AFC leading San Diego chargers. It’s probably why Indy got the sacks…no real need to respect the run.

4. Fine tune a very good passing game. Really. Believe it or not, this team ranks higher than the Bengals in passing offense in the AFC – we’re fourth in the league with 274 yards passing per game. Trent Dilfer is having a very good start to the season. They need to work Braylon Edwards into the offense a bit more, and a bye week is a good chance for him to make up for that hold out.

5. Get ready for the Bears. Again. Winning fixes everything.

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