Clevelander threatening Jeter?

This is fucked up…

FBI special agent Scott Wilson, speaking by phone from Cleveland, confirmed the bureau’s probe Monday, saying “we have an ongoing open investigation into racially threatening letters to Jeter and others across the country.” He declined to comment further….In an interview broadcast Sunday on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” Jeter said that he and his sister were taunted for being bi-racial while growing up in Michigan. But the soft-spoken, cool-headed Yankee said that he has never heard any racial epithets from the fans at Yankee Stadium in his 11 seasons as a Yankee.

The threats have been traced to the Cleveland area. “The wording is very similar to letters that have been sent to other prominent people across the country,” special agent Scott Wilson of the FBI in Cleveland told the Daily News. The mail, postmarked from cities in northeastern Ohio and Pennsylvania, criticized interracial relationships and directed the men to end such relationships “or they’re going to be castrated, shot or set on fire.”

St. Ignatius and St. Edward, two Roman Catholic high schools in Cleveland with well-known sports programs, received threatening letters addressed to student athletes last fall.

If the guy writing that hate mail is reading this blog, let me tell you something, asshole. You are a disgrace to Cleveland, and you’re going to deserve everything that you’re gonna get when they find your sorry ass.

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