CC – definitely flappable.

Tribe got a gift last night. Howry’s gonna get heat for giving up the game-tying homer, but CC Sabathia is a FRICKIN’ HEADCASE. Jesus, Mary & Joseph, the guy has a couple big hop infield singles, and all of a sudden the roof caves in? WTF? I’m gonna say he starts Game 1 in the playoffs, but I AIN’T GONNA LIKE IT. People complain about Wickman makin’ ya nervous. HOLY SCHNIKEE, that ain’t nothing compared to 6-7 innings of Sabathia in the playoffs.

Also – great performance by Fernando Cabrera. Wow. That’s some heat. And Wickie? Only his 45th save of the year. HEY WICKMAN HATERS – GET OUTTA MY FRICKIN’ FACE. Save it for Trent Dilfer.

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