Browns vs. Colts liveblog

Still tinkering…this week, I’m gonna approach the liveblog with a bit more sanity. There’ll be a pre-game post, a post after each quarter, and then a final post-game post. The play-by-play was more trouble than it was worth. Kickoff at 1 PM Sunday. See you then. (OH YEAH – forgot….if I get real upset about something, or something noteworthy occurs, I’m gonna post about that, too. Like if the refs get stupid.)

PRE-GAME TAKE – Colts favored by 13.5. Does anybody else hate NFL pre-game shows? They used to be interesting, now they’re just overproduced video game idiocy. For example, the 97,000th TO-McNabb story is currently on NFL Today. Is this really necessary? Announcer team is Don Criqui & Steve Tasker…back to the B team.

TIM’S PICK? Colts win by 10. Browns put up a fight for 3 quarters. Hope I’m wrong.

4.11 1st – Colts score easily on second possession, Colts 7, Browns 0. Braylon Edwards got a flag for taunting on the first possession…TAUNTING? HEY MORON – You’ve been in the league 3 weeks. You got nothin’ to taunt about…worst part was he taunted after making a catch for like 7 yards. WOO HOO!! Best part…no one saw it on TV. Great coverage, CBS. Another penalty brings back a punt return TD. Looks like a sloppy game is on the way.

END OF FIRST – Colts 7, Browns 0. TIM’s TAKE? Browns driving right now, offense seems to have settled down. Dilfer looks comfortable. Browns defense not looking capable of stopping Colts, offense is gonna have to outscore the Colts, and how many of us see that happening?

8.06 2nd – Colts 7, Browns 3. Nice pick off of Manning spoiled by two things…Dilfer gets sacked on 3rd down, and before that, ANOTHER IDIOTIC TAUNTING PENALTY, this time on Antonio Bryant. Can we please have a little discipline?

HALFTIME – Colts 10, Browns 3. TIM’S TAKE? Sloppy game. So much for the no-sack streak….Dilfer looks like Paul McDonald sometimes. He just sits there like he’s set in concrete. Droughns got most of his yards on one or two plays. Feels like one of those games you’re gonna regret having spent the time watching. Thank God the Tribe is on at the same time……they lead 3-0 in the 1st inning!! YAY!

END OF THIRD – Colts 13, Browns 3. TIM’s TAKE? Two really long drives tak up the entire quarter, one by the Colts, one by the Browns who are now deep in Colts territory. Browns sustaining a very good drive with solid play calling and Reuben Droughns. They score a TD here, game on.

10.26 4th – Big drive coming up. Browns ball at their 15. Down by 7. They need a sustained scoring drive here, or the Colts will get good field position and could milk the clock on a game-ending field goal drive.

TWO MINUTE WARNING – Said game-ending drive deep in Browns territory.

FINAL – Colts 13, Browns 6. TIM’s TAKE? Tough loss. Browns were right there every step of the way, but outclassed in the end, and got some raw deals from the officials. Nice play calling on offense again, on defense, we desperately miss a pass rush. Solid play from Dilfer. Droughns looked solid, too. Hard to complain about this loss.

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