Lebron lays it out on Oprah

How many sports blogs you know cover Oprah? None? There’s one now. Damn straight!

Oprah was her lovable, head-waggin’ self, saying about all the money, the posse, all the cousins who come out of the woodwork, “I worry ’bout you!” asking Lebron about all the “girls standin’ outside the game with their panties on their heads…” Lebron was at his clean cut, good guy best. Lebron’s mom, and his girlfriend Savannah (who he’s dated for more than 3 years – how on earth can that thing last?!?!) were in the audience, and he was ready with the right answer to that one. “I seen ’em! But my mom taught me right from wrong.”

On the whole being the best basktball player of all time thing….Cavs management take note.

“I think long term, in basketball, the ultimate goal is to win the NBA championship,” Lebron says. “I got to. I have to. My life won’t be satisfied without winning an NBA championship.”

Kid’s got the money. Got the fame. Got the girls with the panties on their heads. He ain’t goin’ nowhere if he thinks Cleveland is where he’ll win that championship. That’s the challenge for Gilbert, Ferry, et. al.

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