Great ESPN article on the Tribe

Jayson Stark lays out just how historic the Tribe’s current shot at the division title is…

Only one team in the history of baseball — the 1914 “Miracle” Braves — was ever 15 games out at any point of any season and came back to finish first. But that team fell 15 back in the first week of July, not the first week of August.

Stark gives a great write up of last night’s game, then goes to Chicago manager Ozzie Guillen for some comic relief.

“I’ll be concerned,” Guillen said, “when we’re one game behind.” But if he ever does find himself one game behind, we’re betting “concerned” won’t be the first word out of his mouth. Actually, we’re betting you won’t be able to print the first word out of his mouth.

I’m betting if the Sox blow this lead and lose the division, Ozzie Guillen will be fired the next day. That’ll get him concerned.

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