Browns vs. Packers Liveblog

Ummm….I hope we go to the Browns game before kickoff. Tight NE-CAR game, but I really don’t care about this.

FORMAT UPDATE – Some folks wanted me to reverse the blogging order from last time, so we’re gonna try that today. First posts will be at the top of the blog, updates will work downward.

Wow, a top tier announcing team of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms….won’t be getting this treatment much this year.

Browns kickoff outta the end zone. Green fumbles first play, Packers recover.

11.14 1st – Packers convert on 3rd down near mid-field. They’re moving the ball.

9.48 1st – Packers TD on 3rd down. Driver takes short pass from Favre, runs through entire Browns secondary, down sideline, into endzone. A methodical opening TD drive. Browns defense looked rather invisible.

8.00 1st – Browns start drive at 29, Droughns runs three times in a row.

7.00 1st – Big play Dilfer to Heiden, 22 yards to Packers 35. Browns moving the ball just as well as the Packers.

5.47 1st – Another rollout pass, this time to Northcutt for 1st & goal at the 9.

4.57 1st – Great screen play ruined by holding penalty. Second penalty in a row. Browns going backwards.

4.27 1st – 1st & goal from 22, Dilfer hits Northcutt for about 9 yards.

3.52 1st – PASS INTERFERENCE IN THE END ZONE – Nice pass from Dilfer to Bill Barnett in the endzone, LB all over him. 1st & goal at the 1 yard line, Dilfer rolls out, hits Heiden on 1st down, TD!!!!

Nice drive. Browns actually looked like an offense there for a minute. Dilfer 6-6 on the drive. Nice job.


3.03 1st – INT BY MCCUTCHEON! Browns ball on the GB 22. Ball was tipped, Browns players were everywhere.

2.30 1st – Swing pass to Droughns. Not sure I like all this swing pass stuff. They seem to be going to it quite a lot. 2d & about 9.

1.43 1st – Dilfer drops snap, play completely collapses. 3rd down and about 12

1.00 1st – Dilfer goes for the endzone, flag down, ON GREEN BAY!!! Packers are totally bailing out the Browns with penalties. 1st & 10 at GB 19, Browns lose another 5 yards on procedure penalty. Sloppy game so far.

0.53 1st – ANOTHER GB PENALTY. Screen pass to William Green picked up more yards, so penalty declined. 2d down & 1

0.26 1st – Droughns picks up 1st & goal.

SCORE AFTER ONE – 7-7. TIM’S 1ST QUARTER TAKE – Very different Browns team. Offense in rhythm. Droughns looks solid. Defense needs to play stronger.

14.52 2nd – Droughns loses 8 yards on 2d down & goal. Complete collapse of the blocking scheme.

14.25 2nd – Dilfer hits Heiden at 3 yard line, misses an open Braylon Edwards for the TD. Dawson kicks field goal.

SCORE Browns 10, Packers 7 – GB looks like they’ve made a defensive adjustment.

13.00 2nd – GB running the ball well. Looks like another first down near midfield. Nope – 3rd & short. Ahman Green picks up the first down.

11.30 2nd – GB running the ball very well. Browns defense kinda back on their heals.

10.45 2nd – Favre goes deep, incomplete. Browns covered well.

10.33 2nd – Nice stop on 3rd down. GB has to punt. Browns ball at 16.

9.46 2nd – Another GB penalty gives Browns another 1st down. Messy game.

9.00 2nd – Droughns is a workhorse. Gets another first down. LOVING this running game.

8.23 2nd – Dilfer uncorks a wild overthrow to a wide open Antonio Bryant. Woulda been a big play.

7.42 2nd – 3rd down, Dilfer throws another duck, this time underneath. Dilfer starting to look like Dilfer. Browns have to punt. GB ball deep in their own territory due to a holding penalty on the return.

Inexplicable commercial break. What the fuck? Some Favre milestone – passes 50,000 yard mark. So let’s celebrate with a commercial break. Thanks, CBS.

5.33 2nd – Favre scrambles for a big gain.

3.59 2nd – Browns SACK Favre. Nice play. GB has to punt again.

2.54 2nd – Browns make a first down on an odd screen play to Frisman Jackson

TWO MINUTE WARNING – Browns 2nd & 6 – looked like a fumble to me. might be a review. No review…ruled down by contact.

Droughns moving ball again. Browns call timeout.

1.31 2nd Dilfer makes NICE throw to Northcutt. took a big hit.

0.45 2nd – Browns stop clock with a spike. Dilfer looking better on this drive, nice pass to Edwards.

0.42 2nd – Handoff to Droughns, clock ticking, Dilfer rolls, dives short of 1st down, but gets outta bounds. Everybody on earth starts calling timeouts. Browns call timeout. GB calls timeout.

0.13 2nd – Browns kick 39 yard field goal, Browns lead13-7.

TIM’S HALFTIME TAKE – Browns look better. Defense stiffening after a very weak first drive. Droughns and running game are solid. Dilfer looks better than last week, but missed a couple important (& easy) throws.

Start of 3rd quarter – Browns go right back to Droughns, then on 2d down, Dilfer completes a long out pattern. Browns appear in control. Hard to believe Droughns only had 43 1st half yards. GB really keying on him now.

12.29 3rd – Browns have to punt. GB really watching Droughns.

11.00 3rd – GB has to punt. Northcutt loses ten yards on the return. Browns D looks very tough right now.

10.53 3rd – Mom & Dad start complaining about Dilfer, as he gets nailed on 2d & 10. “He never looks at more than one receiver!”

10.50 – Big 3rd down. Haven’t converted a single 3rd down today. They have now. Long out to Braylon Edwards at Browns 40.

10.00 3rd – Drougns at 19 rushes for 49 yards. He’s cooled off since 1st half. Fumbles handoff, falls on it, loses about 8 yards.

9.09 3rd – Dilfer again misses a wide open receiver, Edwards might have been able to get it if he jumped higher.

8.59 3rd – GB ball inside 20

8.02 3rd – GB driving thanks to Favre

2.42 3rd – INT IN THE ENDZONE. Big play. GB was driving pretty well, and Favre threw into coverage at the back of the end zone. HUGE PLAY. On phone with Tony who says receiver should have knocked ball away, hates it when receivers try to catch a ball they can’t catch. Doesn’t care cuz the Browns benefit.

2.26 3rd – BRAYLON EDWARDS TD!!! WOW. That’s some speed. First NFL TD for Edwards. That could be a gamebreaker. PAT is blocked?!?!?! When’s the last time you saw PAT get blocked?

Gotta give Dilfer credit for that pass. well-timed throw.

3RD QTR SCORE Browns 19, GB 7. TIM’S TAKE? Browns defense solid still. Turning point was endzone INT then Edwards big TD pass, catch, & run. Defense needs to hold.

13.52 4th – GB 1st down inside Browns 40. Driving again.

12.49 4th – GB first down inside Browns 15. Defense starting to buckle. BUT THEN Favre has 2 brain farts, fumble on first, incompletion on 2d, then they call time out. GB seemed to have it goin down hill, then they just stall. Big 3rd down coming up.


O.k, sorry, had to let that out…..

11.44 4th – Browns hold on 3rd down, GB goes for a field goal. Looks like the Browns got away with a penalty. FG good, Browns lead 19-10.

Time for a long, time consuming drive.

11.33 4th – good field position at Browns 40. 1st down play features some weird traffic problems in the back field, looked like Droughns thought he was getting the ball. gain of a yard. 2d down to Heiden for a few, 3rd & 2. Clock rolling, which is good. DROPPED FUCKING PASS on 3rd down. Clock stops. Browns have to punt. FUCK. GREAT PUNT, to the GB 4 YARD LINE.

GOOD NEWS – We’re up by two scores with about 10 minutes left. BAD NEWS – Defense appears to be collapsing.

9.15 4th – DEFENSE STIFFENING – 3rd and 5 at the 9 yard line.

8.30 4th – Missed tackle allows a first down at the 15 yard line. Shit.

7.46 4th – Just realized this – WE HAVE PRECISELY ZERO PASS RUSH.

7.30 4th – Another first down. Favre starting to be Favre. Good thing we’re up two scores.

6.00 4th – Big 3rd down coming up near midfield. Clock moving. GB converts for a 1st down. Clock still moving.

4.54 4th – Crowd gettin nervous about clock management, smattering of boos. Browns hanging tough.

4.30 4th – Big play by Favre to Browns 25. This guy is still amazing. Clock still moving. NEARLY PICKED OFF ON 2ND DOWN. Crowd wants a flag. Clock stops on incomplete pass. Favre had completed 9 in a row before that.

3.40 4th – AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW SHIT. Favre throws a TD pass. 96 yard drive. PAT is good. Browns lead 19-17.


Nice return by William Green NEGATED by a holding penalty. Perfect.

3.32 4th – 1st & 10 at the 20. Need some first downs. Dropped pass. Mom gets up and leaves in complete and UTTER DISGUST. “I’ve seen enough!!”

CLEVELAND CALLS A TIMEOUT????!!!?!?!!!?!?! Excuse me? This is starting to look like a total collapse.

3.21 4th – Timeout Packers, they have one left. 3rd & 5 Browns. They MUST convert this 3rd down. Would only be their second conversion of the game.

3.13 4th – DROUGHNS FIRST DOWN!!!! Stays in bounds. great play. Dilfer was under pressure, got the pass off underneath.

TWO MINUTE WARNING – Browns 2d & 9 near the 40 yard line. Packers have one timeout left.

Mom completely ignoring the game, doing dishes, can’t stand to look.

1.50 4th – HOLY SHIT! Dilfer throws on 2d down to Heiden who takes it to the house. GAME OVER. Wow. Everyone was expecting run, Dilfer throws short over the middle to a wide open Heiden. Caught ’em in a blitz. Defender fell down. Heiden was gone.

This is now a HUGE game for Dilfer, two big gainers off of quick hits.

1.35 4th – Favre still being Favre, despite being down by 2 scores. GB does seem to be moving a bit slowly. Another great throw and catch. If we’re not careful here………………..41 seconds left.

0.19 4th – Favre somehow gets them to the Browns 5. He’s running out of time.

0.14 4th TD called back after offensive pass interference…………push off…………and offesetting defensive PI.

0.04 4th – TD Green Bay. Man, you gotta be careful around Favre in the 2 minute drill. REFS ARE REVIEWING THE PLAY?!?! weird. looks like he was in. he was in. PAT good. Browns lead 26-24.

4 SECONDS LEFT. On-side kick on the way.

Browns win 26-24! TIM’s TAKE? Great win. Offense established some rhtyhm. Dilfer looked good, numbers will look better due to many yards after the catch, expecially on the TD’s to Heiden and Edwards. Droughns ran well in 1st half, they shut him down inthe 2d half. Defense stiffened up in 2d & 3rd quaters, sorta collapsed in the 4th, but Favre ran out of time.

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