Buckeyes steady the ship…kinda

For most of the first half of today’s victory over San Diego State, it appeared that Ohio State was still in depression over the Texas loss. They came out of it in time to win, but the final score, 27-6, is misleading.

I think Troy Smith is over-rated. The best the Buckeyes have looked this year was against Miami (Ohio), with Justin Zwick at QB. They clinically dismantled that team. In the Texas game, the QB shuffling left neither one in charge or in rhythm, and it showed. With Smith at the helm today, the offense looked like it was constantly running at half speed.

There was an all too familiar feel to this game – the playing down to the competition, needlessly allowing an inferior team to linger, and gratitude that we have a good kicker. Maybe this is good news, as the last time that happened, we won a national championship.

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