Let’s see how Wade compares to Lebron NOW

The Miami Heat have undergone a complete overhaul this offseason, some of it to the benefit of the Cavs, losing point guard Damon Jones to the Cavs last week. Shaq is downplaying it. It’s hard to imagine Shaq’s game going down. But I’m damn sure of one thing…Lebron James’ numbers will go up, and Dwayne Wade’s numbers will go down. And thus, we may have heard the last of the “Wade is better than Lebron” idiocy.

Lebron’s scoring will go up. This year’s Cavs team spreads the floor like never before. With Jones and Donyell Marshall, the 3-point line will have to be constantly guarded by opposing teams. With Larry Hughes’ driving ability, you gotta watch him like a hawk, too. That leaves the floor almost wide open for Lebron. He’ll hit more threes. He’ll have fewer triple teams, and he’s proven he can beat a double team. Lebron’s scoring could shoot through the roof.

Lebron’s assists will go up, too. Now, everybody around Lebron can score. Missed shots off of passes that Lebron used to send at unsure shooters will more often fall into the basket. Zydrunas Ilgauskas will be more open underneath, and Lebron’s going to find him every time he’s open. Lebron might lose a few offensive rebounds, but defensive rebounds might open up, as his entire team now has to be watched carefully for fast breaks, allowing Lebron to get that huge frame to the boards.

And Wade? He’s now got to contend with Jason Williams as a ball-hogging point guard, Antoine Walker wants to score, and they’re even talking of bringing in Gary Payton to fill some of the holes. Yeah…that’ll help Wade’s numbers. Bottom line, Wade’s days as comparable to Lebron are going to end with this season. And Lebron’s numbers, as incredible as they are now, will get better and better. Just like Lebron himself.

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