Shaw on Dilfer – incomprehensible.

The writing of PD sports columnists is often so bizarre my head hurts reading it. Bud Shaw’s column today on the Browns QB situation reads like he’s got some cliche generator on his computer, which he lets run all night, but the program has a glitch, so every cliche comes out garbled and making no sense.

I guess he’s arguing in favor of Dilfer over Frye, but he’s so busy throwing cliches at you, it’s impossible to tell what the hell his angle is. He cites stats in support of Dilfer that are so depressing, Dilfer should wonder, “with friends like Shaw, who needs enemies?” I’ll give you just one.

Dilfer following Garcia is like having the programming slot after Jerry Springer gets off the air. You can’t help but look classy.

High praise indeed. Or not. I can’t tell.

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