Cavs in mirror image

Danny Ferry is looking a lot better as GM than he did as a player. Landing Damon Jones was a very iffy prospect last week. Michael Finley went to San Antonio, Jones seemed likely to stay put in Miami. Ferry got him anyway. Nice. Listening to Kenny Roda on WKNR right now, Bryan Winters of the Akron Beacon Journal speculates that Jones will likely start at point guard. Makes sense to me, too.

The Cavs are now almost the exact opposite of the team they were last year. Now the Cavs are a major three point threat AS A TEAM, with the addition of Jones & Donyell Marshall. Last year, they didn’t have a jump shot outside of Lebron. Last year, our front line was solid. This year, their big man situation is a problem, with Verajao down for a while, no Tractor Trailer, and Drew Gooden still, kind of, a work in progress.

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