Cavs use LeBron video to make first pitch to Redd

ESPN is reporting that the Cavs have made a max offer to Michael Redd. They delivered a video from LeBron James to Redd with the offer immediately after the clock began ticking on the new free agent period. They apparently sent a similar video to Ray Allen.

The Bucks also made a max offer to Redd, meaning their offer will be at least $20 million more than the Cavs are permitted to offer. Many expect Redd to stay with the Bucks, but he did not immediately accept their offer, hopefully leaving the door open for the Cavs.

Update – The Beacon-Journal is reporting that Michael Redd will come in soon for a visit with the Cavs. It looks like Redd is not in a hurry to make a decision, improving the chances that he will select the Cavs. The Cavs just need to make sure that he doesn’t take too long. If he doesn’t commit they should quickly turn thei attention to Ray Allen.

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