Let the bidding begin

LeBron James said last week that he’d like to have some input on how the Cavs spend their free agent money. That makes sense to me. Frankly, anything Lebron wants makes sense to me. First, the Cavs have to make him happy, but more importantly, he is a student of the game and would be a very valuable resource.

That said, Brian Windhorst makes a great point when he explains that LeBron will also need to be a big part of the recruiting process. He has to help the team convince free agents to come to Cleveland, and he’s much more apt to do this if he buys into the decision making process. Let’s hope that Dan Gilbert doesn’t waste too much time getting a GM in place. Reports have Danny Ferry poised to become GM, but they were unable to finalize Ferry’s contract. I’m not sure what to make of this. Hopefully it’s just a matter of ironing out details with Ferry’s agent. If Gilbert loses Ferry, things will certainly appear to be out of control, and that will be a real problem now that the free agency is about to get started.

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