Head honcho

I’m not sure what to make of new Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith. Sometimes he sounds like a smart guy, and at other times he sounds like an idiot. Yesterday he laid out his plans for the football and basketball programs. His ideas for basketball sounded great, as he wants to start scheduling Cincinnati on the Buckeye basketball schedule. This makes a ton of sense. It’s ridiculous that Ohio State has been avoiding this series. Cincy is a great basketball school and these games will help to elevate the profiles of both programs. Ohio State needs to improve its basketball recruiting, and adding an in-state rival can only help.

On the other hand, Smith said he wants to add Division I-AA Youngstown State to the football schedule. This would be a terrible move. It would significantly weaken the Buckeye schedule in the eyes of voters, hurting their chances to play for a national championship. Smith says, “I am a believer in I-AA football.” How nice. If he believes in it so much, then he should apply for a job at Youngstown State. His current job requires that he protect the interests of Ohio State, and scheduling a I-AA school will hurt the program, not help it. There are plenty of respectable Ohio schools in the MAC that can fill in the schedule. so hopefully he’ll be pursuaded to scuttle this stupid idea.

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