Cavs looking to get in first round

ESPN Insider is reporting that the Cavs are trying to get back in this year’s first round of the draft:

“The Cavs should have the 13th pick in the draft this year. However, they foolishly dropped their lottery protection on the pick they owed Charlotte so that they could send their 2007 first-rounder to Boston for Jiri Welsch. That worked out.

Now owner Dan Gilbert is trying to get back in the draft. They team has no draft picks to dangle, but the Cavs are offering teams their choice of Sasha Pavlovic or Welsch in return for a mid first-round pick. Given the number of teams in that area ? Clippers, Celtics, Grizzlies ? that are willing to deal out of the first round, it appears they might get their wish.”

Say what you want about Gilbert, but it’s hard to criticize his decision to let Paxson go. The Jiri Welsh move was a joke. Hopefully they’ll be able to salvage something out of it, though I’d much ather see Welsch traded instead of Pavlovic.

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