Does Gilbert know what he’s doing?

Sorry, but I don’t understand Dan Gilbert’s fascination with Larry Brown. Yes, the man knows basketball, but he has a terrible track record when it comes to staying with a franchise, and his talents seem to lie in coaching. He does not have a track record as a GM. Any coach hired by the Cavs would be constantly looking over their shoulders, knowing that Brown could decide to step in and coach the team himself if he doesn’t like what he sees.

Then you have the LeBron James issue. Unless LeBron has made it absolutely clear to Gilbert that he has NO PROBLEM whatsoever with Brown, Gilbert is playing with fire by risking this relationship.

Finally, it appears that Gilbert might be a little star-struck. It’s one thing to be a rich man, but for so many people that’s not enough. They are intoxicated by fame and celebrity. That might explain why Usher is an investor, and why Gilbert seems obsessed with big-name candidates like Phil Jackson and Larry Brown. He needs to hire stable professionals to run this team and then get out of the way. Instead, it looks like he wants to make a big splash by bringing in a big star. He already has the biggest star out there with Lebron, and if he isn’t careful he just might lose him.

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