Winslow released from the hospital

Nine days after his motorcycle accident, Kellen Winslow walked out of the Cleveland Clinic Tuesday on metal crutches. Winslow reportedly suffered several internal injuries and also damaged his right knee and shoulder, though the extent of the injuries has yet to be divulged to the public.

In a statement, released through the Browns, Winslow said, “I am determined more than ever to get back on the field with my coaches and teammates as soon as possible. I’m OK and excited to be going home. I would like to thank everyone in advance for respecting my privacy as I recover.”

I’m sorry, but this is getting old. When are we going to hear a definitive word on his injuries? Respect your privacy? Maybe you wouldn’t have to worry about that if we knew just how badly you screwed yourself up while riding a motorcycle you obviously couldn’t handle. Why is this information classified? Several rumors say Winslow will miss all of next season with a torn ACL but the Browns refuse to either confirm or deny these reports, instead leaving all Browns fans to wonder if we’ve got another first-round bust on our hands.

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