LeBron cans his agent

LeBron James fired agent Aaron Goodwin Monday, replacing him with a trio of longtime friends: Maverick Carter, a former high school teammate, Randy Mihms, who serves as James’ personal assistant and road manager, and Rich Paul, another friend. James, Carter, Mihms and Paul call themselves the “Four Horsemen.”

No reason was given for the firing, though it may just be as simple as LeBron wanting to throw his buddies a very meaty bone. It’s not like Goodwin let LeBron down — he negotiated that monster $90 million deal with Nike while also securing multimillion-dollar endorsement contracts with Upper Deck, Coca-Cola, Bubbilicous and Juice Batteries.

So how will this decision affect LeBron’s future in Cleveland? I don’t know that it will, one way or another. Regardless of who his agent is, LeBron runs his own show. You’d like to think that since his Akron connection just got even stronger, there’s a better chance that he’ll have a soft spot for the Cavs once his contract is up, but that’s not likely.

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