Stuck at #3?

Okay, so it’s impossible to predict what’s going to happen during the draft this Saturday, but it sure would be nice if there was some general agreement about how the first few picks were going to unfold. Early rumors had the Browns interested in QB Alex Smith at #3 while also entertaining trade offers from other teams looking to move up. Then the news was all about Braylon Edwards. Then trade talk with the Bucs. Then some rumors about the Vikings wanting to move up.

The latest from ESPN Insider claims that the Browns may find themselves stuck at #3 with both the players they covet at that spot, Edwards and Smith, gone with the first two picks. Apparently, the 49ers, reportedly more interested in Cal’s Aaron Rodgers all along, are now leaning toward Smith, who most agree has more upside but is much less polished than Rodgers. That’s assuming that the ‘Niners don’t trade down, of course. And yes, it appears the Vikings are trying to put themselves into position to take Edwards, but that position unfortunately may be #2, with the Dolphins also eager to move down.

So where does that leave the Browns? Out of luck, potentially, since most of the teams looking to move up were hoping to get Smith or Edwards. And if both players are gone by the time the Browns are on the clock, not only will they have nobody to trade with, they’ll be left with a bunch of guys they’d much rather not take at #3. Insider says it may be too high to select USC receiver Mike Williams, and that it may make more sense for them to reach for a defensive player like linebacker Derrick Johnson or cornerback Adam “Pac Man” Jones. It’s a tough spot, if that is indeed where the Browns find themselves Saturday afternoon. I’ve hoped all along that they’d be able to trade down and, if they couldn’t find an offer to their liking, the fall-back plan would be Edwards. If both of those options are unavailable, though, my heart tells me Mike Williams should be the guy.

Fortunately, my heart doesn’t have a say in the matter. The only thing we can do is trust the expertise of Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel and hope the draft plays out the way they want it to.

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