Cavs’ playoff life on the line tonight

Here we go, Cavs fans. This one, as they say, is for all the marbles. Well, tonight’s game against Boston (7:00, FSN) may not decide the Cavaliers’ fate, but if they lose to the Celtics you can pretty much kiss the playoffs goodbye. If you haven’t already, of course. The Nets and Cavs are currently tied for the eighth and final playoff spot in the East. The bad news is that the Nets own the tie-breaker, meaning the Cavs have to make up a game on New Jersey before the end of the season. A loss tonight makes that highly unlikely, even though Cleveland closes the season against Toronto. Sure, the 32-48 Raptors are a team the Cavs should beat but so were the Knicks. In fact, the Cavs have dropped plenty of games this year to teams that, on paper, they should’ve beaten.

The sad thing about all of this is that up until the collapse against the Pistons Sunday, the Cavaliers, despite playing some absolutely terrible basketball, still controlled their own fate. Win and you’re in, as simple as that. But now the Nets hold all the cards — win and they’re in. The only thing the Cavs can do at this point is win their final two games and then pray for a miracle. The only problem is, the way they’re playing they’ll need a miracle just to win their final two games.

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