Cavs still in the hunt

The bad news: The Nets are killing the Wizards tonight.

The good news: The Cavaliers beat the Celtics 100-86. Gooden and Z struggled again tonight (10 points each) but Snow delivered 13 assists in 40 minutes and Traylor added 22 and 10 in only 19 minutes of action. Meanwhile, LeBron was the man again: 32 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists and 5 steals.

So it comes down to this: the Cavaliers play the Raptors in Toronto Wednesday at 7:00 (WUAB) while the Nets play in Boston, also at 7:00. If the Nets win, the Cavs are out of the playoffs, regardless of whether or not they beat the Raptors. If the Cavs lose, it’s over as well. The only way the Cavaliers will qualify for the playoffs is if they beat the Raptors and the Nets lose. That’s it. Two games, one day, everything on the line.

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