Idiots at ESPN claim Modell not to blame for moving Browns

ESPN is becoming desperate for new programming. That’s the only explanation for the new “You Can’t Blame” TV series that just aired an episode claiming that Art Modell can’t be blamed for moving the Browns. The show aired a list of 5 reasons, each of which could be considered factors that contributed to Art’s decision, but none of which could justify Art’s decision. They mentioned Belichick’s failed tenure as a coach, though they don’t mention Art’s idiotic personel decisions, like signing Andre Rison to a rich contract that he couldn’t afford. They mentioned the other owners who moved teams, without acknowledging that Baltimore wasn’t supporting the old Colts. They pointed out how the Indians had captured the hearts of Cleveland fans, while not mentioning that Art still could sell out the old stadium. They claimed he didn’t have a choice, yet he obviously put himself in that situation, and he didn’t give the city the chance to give him the stadium that he needed to survive. Then they refer to the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame, as if that decision somehow prevented Art from getting a new stadium. Of course, Art was not asking for a new stadium. He wanted a renovated stadium, and he was clueless on how to force the city to take care of him. Do the politicians deserve some of the blame? Sure they do. But Art made the decision, and his own incompetence put him in the difficult situation he found himself in back in the 90’s

Finally, they did not focus on the hypocrisy. Art always claimed he would never move the Browns. He lied. He was too weak and too stupid to hold a gun to the city’s head and demand a new stadium. He let greed and pride get in the way. If you don’t blame Art Modell for that decision, then you’re saying that integrity doesn’t matter.

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