The good with the bad

Kind of a double-edged sword thing Tuesday night in Philly, with the 76ers falling to the Celtics 105-98. The idle Cavaliers gain a half game on the ‘Sixers, which puts Cleveland a full game ahead of Philadelphia in the seventh slot, but they also lose a half game to the Celtics, who now find themselves deadlocked at 42-35 with the Pacers and Wizards, two games up on the Cavs. The good news here is that the 76ers have a tough stretch to close the season, hosting Miami on the 14th and then traveling to Indiana and New Jersey on the 15th and 17th before closing against Milwaukee and Atlanta.

The Nets, meanwhile, may have a tougher road ahead. Two games behind the Cavaliers, New Jersey wraps up with games against the Pacers (4/13), 76ers (4/17), Wizards (4/19) and Celtics (4/20) along with a gimme against Toronto on the 15th.

Unfortunately for the Cavaliers, they’ve got their own scheduling headaches to worry about, with Washington (4/15), Detroit (4/17) and Boston (4/19) sandwiched between the Knicks and Raptors. You sure would like to see LeBron pull this team up a slot or two to avoid a first-round match-up with the Pistons or the Heat (if they fall to #8), but at this point I don’t think we can be too picky.

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