Bucs potential trade partner?

The St. Petersburg Times is reporting that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers may be interested in trading up in the draft from #5 to get one of the top-two quarterbacks, Cal’s Aaron Rodgers and Utah’s Alex Smith. This is potentially big news for Browns fans, considering the Bucs currently hold 12 picks in the upcoming draft, including two in the third round. Not surprisingly, QB guru Jon Gruden is intrigued with the idea of acquiring a potential franchise quarterback, which may be music to the ears of Phil Savage with the Browns reportedly interested in trading down from #3 to acquire more picks.

Just a thought, but since the Bucs obviously are ready to trash the Chris Simms experiment (they signed Brian Griese long-term this offseason, which speaks volumes for their opinion of Simms), why not try to get a package from Tampa that included several picks along with Simms? This kid still has the potential to be a very good NFL quarterback and this way, you’d still have a top-five pick (receiver?), you’d stockpile more picks later in the draft plus, bonus, you may also land your quarterback of the future. Sure, Simms doesn’t grade as high as Rodgers and Smith, but you could potentially get him as a throw-in, and that’s a risk I’d love to see this team take. Selecting a quarterback with the third-overall choice? That kind of risk scares the crap out of me.

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