Tribe in Guillen's head

Just a few days after saying he wouldn’t let closer Shingo Takatsu pitch against the Tribe in this series after getting shellacked last week, Ozzie Guillen called on Takatsu with two out in the ninth and the winning run at the plate (Aaron Boone). What was interesting was that Guillen kept Takatsu in the ‘pen when Victor Martinez was at the plate, electing to let lefty Damaso Marte pitch to Victor instead. Hmm.

The plan worked, obviously, but it could’ve just as easily backfired. Guillen’s hesitancy to use his supposed closer in the ninth with a one-run lead — during the seventh game of the season — shows that the Tribe is already inside Guillen’s head. Plus, now that Guillen’s shown a lack of confidence in Takatsu, you know the Indians are in the pitcher’s head too.

Makes for some very interesting games throughout the season. How many more times do we play the Sox?

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