Another wasted Millwood gem

You keep telling yourself that this team will start to consisently hit, and deep down you know they will, but it’s still such a shame that they wasted another encouraging effort from Kevin Millwood in this afternoon’s 2-1 loss. Millwood allowed six hits and one walk in seven today while striking out three, but three of those hits came with two out in the seventh, resulting in the decisive run for the Sox. Still, I saw Millwood hit 96 a couple times and, for quite a while, he dominated Chicago hitters much like he did last week at US Cellular.

It was a tough loss but with C.C. Sabathia due back late this week, Millwood’s performance is another sign of hope for this staff. And did you notice that David Riske breezed through the seventh and eighth on 25 pitches, chalking up three Ks? He was really good two years ago and if he is again, the Tribe will have no problem getting to Bob Wickman, with Arthur Rhodes coming from the left side and Riske from the right.

Of course, getting to Wickman represents the scariest part of that equation. It won’t matter how well Riske and Rhodes pitch if Wick’s torching the ninth.

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