What is Gilbert thinking?

I am so incredibly disgusted with new Cavaliers’ owner Dennis Gilbert. This guy obviously has some of the best QUICKEN P.R. people in the world…all we heard about when he first bought the Cavs was how great he was – Quicken was “the best place to work”…Gilbert’s people rolled out Quicken executives who talked of Gilbert’s supposed brilliance…yet here we are, and in a season that started with so much promise, Gilbert has basically snatched defeat from the jaws of victory (PLAYOFFS). First, this ass-clown fires Paul Silas, now there are grumblings about Paxson’s imminent firing. Why can’t he wait until the end of the season? He kind of reminds me of a guy who played fantasy sports his whole life and now that he’s been given a team, he’s managing it the same way he would his fantasy team. If this team doesn’t make the playoffs, the blame falls on one person – Gilbert.

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