Silas press conference

I just listened to GM Jim Paxson and team owner Dan Gilbert outline their reasons for firing Silas at the team’s press conference, and it seems the main point here was they didn’t agree with Silas’ rotation and general player management.

According to Paxson and Gilbert, the team relied too heavily on LeBron at times, with several players on the floor often standing around watching LeBron in action. Coming off last night’s game, which saw the Cavaliers lose despite 56 points from James, this is certainly a valid point. They also suggested that Silas didn’t think as highly about his bench players as management did, and his handling of Jeff McInnis was discussed as well. Still, I don’t agree with the timing of the decision. With 18 games left in the season and the Cavs only three games from falling out of the playoffs, I just don’t see how switching from Silas to Brendan Malone makes this team any better and any more likely to qualify for the postseason.

Finally, Pax and Gilbert both denied that LeBron had any sort of role in the decision, but I’m not buying that. I mean, LeBron IS the franchise, pure and simple, and if you want to keep the franchise, you’ve got to keep the franchise happy. Maybe Paxson didn’t call LeBron Sunday night to ask him how he’d feel if they canned Silas, but I’m sure they wouldn’t have made the move if they thought it would jeopardize their chances of keeping LeBron in Cleveland.

Of course, the Phil Jackson rumors can now officially start. His name was mentioned during the press conference and, predictably, Gilbert denied any interest, but come on…. You know his was the first name mentioned when they started talking about long-term replacements — how could it not have been? Jackson took Jordan, Shaq and Kobe to the next level, so there’s no reason to doubt that he could do it with LBJ.

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