Paul Silas…fired?

Not really sure what’s going on just yet, but is reporting that the Cavaliers have fired head coach Paul Silas. “They released me,” Silas said. “They didn’t think the team was performing as well as it should be and they wanted to make a change.”

Maybe it’s because the Cavs have lost three straight and nine of their last 12, or maybe it has something to do with the comments he made about Carlos Boozer, but whatever the reason I think this is a terrible move. You’ve got a young team fighting for its playoff life and in the middle of it all, you’re going to can the team’s head coach? It seemed that Silas had a good relationship with most of the players on the team, including LeBron James, and he’s been able to get solid production from career underachievers Drew Gooden and Tractor Traylor, so I’m not sure what a move like this is supposed to accomplish. If the goal was to motivate the team, I would think there’s a better chance of exactly the opposite happening.

Silas’ son, assistant Stephen Silas, was also fired, and assistant coach Brendan Malone will be the interim head coach. The team has called a noon press conference.

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