It was time…

Look, I like Paul Silas. I think what he said about Boozer wasn’t a big deal, especially if you look at the context in which he said it. That being said, it was time for him to go. Eric Snow played 40 minutes against the Raptors in a starting role and didn’t score a point. Every loose ball went to the Raptors. As Pax said in the press conference this afternoon, the Cavs’ opponent on Friday night, the Sixers, played as though they were fighting for their playoff lives, as did the Raptors yesterday. The Cavs, with the exception of LeBron, were playing as though it was still November.

Some will say Silas couldn’t find the right rotation. I believe he didn’t have the patience to find it.

There is no good reason why Silas never stuck with Pavlovic for more than 5-10 minutes a game. He is the only player on this team (minus LBJ) who, with the right coach giving him the minutes and allowing him to build confidence, can hit an outside shot with some consistency. I just hope that he’s a major player down the stretch, as this team has enough talent to make some noise in the playoffs, let alone make the playoffs.

Silas is the perfect assistant coach – but when it comes down to X’s and O’s, he’s second rate. New owner Dan Gilbert obviously won’t stand for that, and I am glad this team has an owner willing to make this choice at this time, knowing he’ll get criticized.

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