Bud Shaw should apologize, not Silas

Here we go…the mamby pamby “journalists” in this town once again hopping on their high horses and demanding an apology. If you haven’t heard, Paul Silas called Boozer a “C.U. Next Tuesday” the other day and Bud Shaw, for one, is offended. He is demanding not only an apology, but he wants Silas to CALL CC’s husband. He writes, “Sorry enough to call Boozer? It’s the least Silas could do.”

It’s the least he could do?

Screw that. Did Carlos Boozer call any Cavalier fans after his wench of a wife talked him into signing with Utah? Did Bud Shaw demand that the hairy mongrel apologize to US???

Of course not. I wouldn’t be surprised if Roger Brown devotes an entire column to this “travesty”…once again, the media in this town proves its worthlessness.

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